Learn to Use Your Inner Guidance System to Help You in Life

Most of us feel like we're flying blind in life. You don't have to....you can learn to use your intuition.

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Have you ever had a problem at work, personal, or in a relationship and just wanted something to help you out?

Maybe your baby is crying at 2 am, and you can't figure out why? Do you not like the current solutions, answers, or possibilities in a situation at work or in your personal life?

Trying to find a different path or a different job? You want answers in something like healing your body or anything else?

Well, what if I told you you had all of those answers, probabilities, solutions, insight, guidance, and more right inside of you? It's called intuition. It is built IN you. It's not spiritual or woo woo (unless you want to use intuition for that! Then go ahead!!). It's actually biological, biochemical, and a whole lot of physics!!

Hi, my name is Linda!! I have been teaching people how to use their intuition with discernment for years. I've spent even longer learning what is intuition, where it comes from, honing, and strengthening it.

If you're like 99% of the people on the planet, you've been programmed, stigmatized, or conditioned to think intuition is only for some people...that only some people have intuition. Well, EVERYONE has intuition to varying degrees. It can be strengthened.

Intuition 101 with Discernment Course

In-depth, go at your own pace, no gatekeeping, completely transparent course to help you not only learn to use the 4 main parts of your intuition but to get the awareness of intuition that has been programmed and conditioned out of you.

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Creativity & Work

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Family Life

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Help with our kids and pets

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Realtionships & Healing

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Linda Lantz aka The Sassy Spirit

What so many won't tell you....

Discernment with intuition is key!! How do you know what is your imagination or is it intuition? How do you know if that gut feeling you have is intuition or just an automatic fear or trauma-based response?

This course is hard-core about learning the difference between intuitive thoughts, feelings, etc., versus our subconscious automatic thoughts, feelings, triggers, etc.

Are you getting something intuitively or are you just projecting your insecurities?

Are you being emotionally manipulated? How do you know the difference between your thoughts and feelings or are you just picking up others' stuff?

Check out my

Intuition 101 Basics Introductory Mini-Course here!!

By the end of the course you'll know how to...

Learn to use intuition actively (not passively) in everyday life to help you get those possibilities, answers, solutions, guidance, insights, and more.

Use the 4 main parts of intuition and how to use them in everyday life as well as how intuition shows up in everyday life

Have discernment with intuition as explained above.

Your intuitive yes/no response. Is someone lying or not. Identifying your or intuitive emotions and thoughts versus when you are picking up others' emotions and thoughts

And a whole ton more!

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Just like you had to learn to walk and eat solid foods, learning to use intuition works the same way...

Here's Everything You Get...

IN-DEPTH course in helping you get or strengthen your awareness of intuition, separate lessons on each part of your intuition and discernment with each individually. How does each part work and every trick and tip I have over a lifetime with each.

How intuition actually works in real life!! How to use it in your everyday life. How does intuition show up in everyday life. I give many tricks and tips on this!! I love to tell stories about how intuition actually works in day-to-day life. I use examples in my life like how I found out what was wrong with my back, how I found a doctor, and other stories.

(optional videos to watch) What are other sources of intuitive guidance or information like your soul, the ether, angels, masters, guides, interdimensional entities, and discernment and healthy boundaries with ALL of those.

Most videos have detached audios so you can listen while on the go!! Closed captioning is being added slowly. Transcripts are available for any exercises that are audio only.

Get 1on1 help with intuition blocks, intuition troubleshooting, and more with me!!


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Get my Grounding & Shielding Mini-Courses for FREE!!

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Grounding Mini-Course

Beginner to Expert Levels

($50 Value)

We pick up energy everywhere we go. Learn how to clear other people's crap out of your energy field. Learn to get a grounding practice to help you deal with what life throws at you.

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Shielding Mini-Course

Beginner to Expert Levels

($50 Value)

Wouldn't it be nice to learn to filter out some unneccesary energy from other people or places? How about keeping the office energy stealer from all your energy?


Get the Intuition 101 with Discernment Course for just $1,232 today!

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