Astrology101 for complete beginners!!

Learn from my 24

years of experience!!

Do you know how often I get asked, "What the frack is going on?"



Because I'm an astrologer, astrology gives you insight into what is going on energetically in life or the world.

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Astrology is a tool to use in your evolution.

Astrology is a great way to become aware of the parts of yourself you didn't realize were there. It can help you grow, accept your true self, expand, heal, and evolve. It's like finding our blind spots in our healing, learning more about ourselves, and evolving past what we were born into in this life.

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There are so many uses for astrology

Here are some of my most favorites:

Planning anything out for personal and business life for the week or longer!!

Especially any events or just when to do errands!

Self-acceptance and love, finding blind spots in my healing journey, and learning to listen to my true self

Using the energy that is going on to my benefit!! There's always an upside to everything. When mercury goes in the hatorade....I use it to my advantage!!

Understanding myself and others more. There is so much insight there!!

When I'm seeing repeating things happening, I go check my personal transits for insight and then I'm like OHHHHHHH okayyyyyy LOL Well, that explains it!!

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Lesson Plan

The course is divided up into 5 main parts!!

Here is what you'll learn!!


Introduction about course

What is astrology exactly including using Universal laws to explain it!!

Get your Free natal/birth chart with (walkthrough)

A workbook to keep all your notes in one place!!

My views on not really memorizing everything but instead experiencing it, living it, working with energies personally, and observing it.


The planet and major points

Learn about all the planets!! What can they teach you? Duality of the planets and what can they teach you to help in your expansion and evolution

The major points: ascendant/rising, north/south nodes, Chiron, and midheaven.


The Zodiac

Zodiac broken wayyyyyy down...detailed information on each sign

Their place on the wheel, seasons, elements, modalities, and more.

Evolution and healing with the Zodiac signs


The Houses

Houses in your birth chart as well as how to find how a full/new moon, major global transit, or eclipse falls into your chart and where in your life that affects you today



Transits in your birth chart

Transits in your present both for today and long-term.


Bonuses and other videos

An intuitive way of looking at your chart and transits

What terms to use when searching on the interwebs for what is in your chart

Astro Travel!! Basically, your birth chart is placed on Earth.

Did you know your soul has its own birth chart? yeaaaaa

Bonus videos: Energy of the days of the week

retrograde (video on each), moon phases, and more and how to use these energies to your advantage (as well as what to watch out for)

Get started today

Other features of course!!

19+ videos (closed captioning coming soon)

1 downloadable workbook to help keep your notes in one place

My 24 years of experience

Access on mobile (download the kajabi app)

10+ Bonus Videos Coming Soon

and more!!

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Hi, I am Linda Lantz

aka The Sassy Spirit

I started studying astrology 24 years ago. It's always been like a passionate hobby. I was never into all the memorizing but instead more about using Astrology to understand energy—the energies within us and the universe. How do they interact? How to use them to help in life. It's been a long journey. One that will never end!!

I got asked so many questions ALLLL the time about astrology, so I decided to make a course with all the basics!! I hope that passing on the basic knowledge and wisdom of what I've learned in all these years will help you in your life.

I look forward to seeing you in class!

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